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Why Einstein Would Use a Dual Solar/Tankless Water Heater System

It's safe to say that Einstein was a genius, and geniuses generally make good decisions. So, why would good old Albert want a dual water system? Simple, it makes sense.

Tankless water Heaters Are One of Our Rowlett Plumbing SpecialtiesWith all of the hype around tankless water heater systems, there were bound to be some ingenious home hacks concocted. The one that has come on the strongest, and resulted in the plumbing world adopting it as their own, is the application of solar water heaters as a preheating device for a tankless system. Our Rowlett Plumbing contractors love this system.

Most tankless water heaters are able to create a 70-degree rise in temperature for two to five gallons of water per minute. This means if you are interested in running more than one hot water appliance, you're out of luck. These same systems can produce double to triple the gallons per minute at a 40-degree rise. These can easily allow for two or more appliances to share the hot water load. It doesn't take an astrophysicist to figure that one out.


Save Money While Saving the Environment!

Our Rowlett Plumbing Associates Install Solar Water Heaters A solar water heater can easily preheat water more than the 30-degree rise needed to double the throughput of a tankless system. Our Rowlett plumbing techs suggest hooking the two together so you are increasing the amount of hot water while lowering the cost to produce it. The tankless system uses half the energy to create a 40-degree as it does to create the 70-degree rise.

The EPA estimates that using a dual solar and tankless water heating system can save you upwards of $300 per year on water heating costs alone. Now, it's true that Einstein didn't always agree with the government, but we doubt he would take them to task over this environmentally friendly suggestion.